Monday, 31 March 2014

Marking effectively and creating a feedback dialogue


Ooh - very excited.  Highlighters for marking.  What a revelation and one of those lightbulb moments.  Not that it's a new concept, but very little in teaching is truly new.  It goes back to the ideas of pupils correcting their own work - I know, what a shocker!  This time, though, I'm using highlighters.  "Beat the blue" means that the pupils have to work out what the problem is.  Obviously you need to know what they should be able to work out and what they will need support with.  Then I ask them why I've changed something and they reply, in another colour of course - probably purple... And bingo!  A feedback dialogue is created.


Add pictures of highlighters with cats on and I am very happy - and add a few stickers with target language (mach blau besser!/ bats le bleu!/accion azul!) and SLT are even happier.  And what about green for fab work? (Gruen ist gut!/vert pour le victoire!/verde vuele!)

Now I am a very happy bunny and my pupils' books are decidedly more colourful!